Longrich Magnetic Sanitary Napkins NightUse/Heavy Flow  3-Pack Bundle

Every Woman deserves healthy and comfortable periods! 

Stay Protected, Activate your metabolism  & Revitalise with Energy from within 

Cervical Cancer is the second most common Cancer affecting women!

It is closely linked with Vaginal infections and weakened immune system.

Over 60% of vaginal infections (including infertility) are related to poor quality sanitary napkins. 

Stay Protected and Preserve your health!

Innovatively designed Longrich Sanitary Napkin with Magnetic Energy, Anion and Infra red Strip help to protect you from vaginal infections while activating your metabolism and ensuring you have a pain-free comfortable period! 

Get these benefits & more from your Longrich Sanitary Napkin Bundle.

 *Discharge Internal Toxins * Pain Relief * Revitalise your energy * Enhance your metabolism * Enhance Endocrine Functions * Anti-Dysmenorrhea* 

This 3-Pack Longrich Sanitary Napkin  includes  3 packs  of Night Use/Heavy Flow. Each of the 3 Packs contains 8 pcs of Night Use/Heavy Flow Sanitary Napkins